Writing essays, whether they are argumentative or scholarship essays, can be a challenging task for many students. It requires not only creativity and critical thinking but also the ability to structure ideas coherently. Fortunately, with the advent of online resources like Paperial, students now have access to professional essay help that can significantly enhance their writing skills. In this article, we will explore the ways Paperial can assist a writer in revising an argumentative essay and examine examples of how scholarships have positively impacted students’ lives. So, let’s dive in and discover how Paperial can become your ultimate companion in mastering the art of essay writing.

Which Questions Can Help a Writer Revise an Argumentative Essay?

Crafting an effective argumentative essay requires more than just presenting your viewpoint. To ensure your essay is well-structured, logically sound, and compelling, consider asking yourself the following questions during the revision process:

  1. Is the thesis statement clear and concise? Your thesis statement should provide a strong and precise argument that sets the tone for the entire essay. Make sure it reflects the main point you want to convey.
  2. Have I provided enough evidence to support my claims? A compelling argumentative essay relies on solid evidence and examples to back up your claims. Double-check that you have included relevant and reliable sources to strengthen your arguments.
  3. Have I addressed counterarguments effectively? Acknowledging and refuting counterarguments demonstrates a deep understanding of the topic. Ensure you have addressed potential opposing viewpoints and effectively countered them with strong evidence.
  4. Is the essay well-organized and coherent? A well-structured essay flows logically from one point to another. Check if your ideas are arranged in a manner that makes the essay easy to follow and understand.
  5. Is the language clear and concise? Avoid ambiguity and wordiness in your essay. Make sure your language is straightforward and effectively conveys your message.
  6. Are the paragraphs well-developed? Each paragraph should focus on a single main idea and provide sufficient elaboration and evidence to support it. Ensure there is a clear connection between paragraphs.
  7. Have I used proper citations and referencing? Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Make sure you have properly cited all the sources you have used in your essay following the appropriate citation style.

By considering these questions during the revision process, you can significantly improve the quality and impact of your argumentative essay.

How Will This Scholarship Help You? Essay Examples

Scholarships play a pivotal role in empowering students to pursue their educational dreams. Let’s explore two examples of how scholarships have positively impacted students’ lives:

  1. Example 1: Overcoming Financial BarriersJessica, a first-generation college student, had a burning desire to pursue a degree in medicine. However, financial constraints seemed to be an insurmountable hurdle. Her dreams came closer to reality when she was awarded a full-tuition scholarship. The financial burden was lifted, and Jessica could now focus on her studies without worrying about student loans or part-time jobs. This scholarship not only eased her financial worries but also boosted her confidence and motivation to excel academically. Today, Jessica is a successful medical professional, and her story stands as a testament to the transformative power of scholarships.
  2. Example 2: Unlocking Opportunities for Career GrowthJohn, a dedicated computer science enthusiast, dreamed of attending a prestigious tech institute. However, the exorbitant tuition fees seemed beyond his reach. When he was granted a merit-based scholarship, his dreams of pursuing higher education in computer science became a reality. This scholarship not only provided him with financial means but also opened doors to various networking opportunities and internships. Thanks to the scholarship, John gained access to cutting-edge research facilities and experienced faculty, honing his skills and paving the way for a successful career in the tech industry.

How Would This Scholarship Help You? Essay

When writing a “How would this scholarship help you?” essay, it is essential to communicate your aspirations and the positive impact the scholarship would have on your life. Here’s a general outline to consider:

  1. Introduction:Introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of your educational and career goals. Mention the scholarship you are applying for and express gratitude for the opportunity.
  2. Educational Aspirations:Clearly outline your academic objectives and the field of study you wish to pursue. Explain how the scholarship will assist you in achieving these goals, whether it is covering tuition fees, buying essential study materials, or funding research projects.
  3. Financial Need:If you have any financial constraints hindering your education, briefly discuss them. Emphasize how the scholarship would alleviate these challenges and allow you to focus more on your studies.
  4. Passion and Dedication:Showcase your passion for the chosen field of study and demonstrate your dedication to academic excellence. Highlight any relevant achievements, extracurricular activities, or community involvement that reflect your commitment to personal growth and contributing positively to society.
  5. Long-Term Impact:Explain how receiving the scholarship would not only benefit you in the short term but also have a long-lasting impact on your career trajectory and personal development.
  6. Conclusion:Summarize your main points and reiterate your appreciation for the opportunity. End on a positive note, expressing your eagerness to make the most of the scholarship if awarded.


Essay writing can be a fulfilling experience when you have the right tools and resources at your disposal. With Paperial’s essay help, writers can refine their argumentative essays and enhance their overall writing skills. Moreover, scholarships can be life-changing for students, providing them with the means to pursue their dreams and create a brighter future. By utilizing essay help platforms like Paperial and crafting compelling scholarship essays, students can unlock countless opportunities and reach new heights in their academic journey and beyond.

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