Movie Review: Tusk Movie Cast and Summary

The Tusk movie was one of the most talked about films in 2014 when it came out. Critics had mixed reactions because of the many themes shown in the movie. It was also quite a disturbing body and psychological horror story that completely changed how some people viewed the endangered marine mammal, the walrus. It was written, and directed by Kevin Smith, as the second horror movie in his career. This was a leap of faith for him, seeing his two-decade-long career was mainly on comedies. Loosely based on an internet hoax, Tusk is the horrendous story of a serial killer who turned his guests into Walruses. But what is the Tusk movie? Is it based on a true story?  In this movie review, we highlight the Tusk movie cast and plot.

Tusk Movie Cast

So, who is the cast of the Tusk movie? Below are the main actors and actresses appearing in the movie:

  • Justin Long: He plays Wallace Bryton, the starring character whose pursuit of more content for his podcast leads him into a serial killer’s mansion where he is transformed into a Walrus.
  • Michael Parks: Michael Parks is the villain in the Tusk movie where he plays the character of a serial killer. His murderous activities stem from an obsession with a Walrus. This animal kept him warm, but he turned against it and ate it, shortly before being rescued.
  • Genesis Rodriguez: She plays Ally Leon, Wallace’s girlfriend. Ally is one of the key characters who help trace Wallace by reporting his disappearance to the Canadian police.
  • Haley Joel Osment: Osment plays Teddy Craft, Wallace’s fellow podcaster. Together with Wallace, they make fun of videos, pictures, and other content they see on the internet.
  • Jonny Depp: Depp plays the role of Guy Lapointe, the bearded agent who helps track the serial killer who has abducted Wallace.
  • Harley Moreinsten: Plays the role of a border agent.
  • Harley Quinn Smith: Plays the role of a clerk girl.
  • Lily-Rose Depp: Plays the role of a clerk girl.
  • Ralph Garman: Plays the detective who unravels the mysteries behind Wallace’s disappearance.
  • Jennifer Schwalbach Smith: The convenience store owner in the film.

That is the list of the main Tusk movie cast.

Tusk Movie Plot

The Tusk Movie starts with two friends, Wallace and Teddy, talking on their podcast, where they are making fun of occurrences on the internet. One of the viral things is of a Canadian kid, who slashes one of his legs with a sword while doing a stunt. The podcast duo nicknamed him the Kill Bill Kid, whereby Wallace jokes that he probably didn’t need the leg. To get more content for their podcast, Wallaces sets off on a journey to Canada to interview the child. However, upon arriving in Canada, he finds out the kid committed suicide due to being trolled on the internet.

Disappointed that he had come for nothing, Wallace walks into a bar for a drink. While in the bar’s washroom, he sees a peculiar advert. It is a man looking for a companion in his mansion by the ocean with some conditions. The guest must be willing to listen to his stories about his sailing endeavors and wear a Walrus costume while at it.

Out of curiosity, Wallace finds the man. The retired Sailor, Howard Howe, welcomes him and offers him some coffee. He is bound to a wheelchair, which unbeknown to Wallace is a pretense to appear harmless.  All this time, the old man has added sedatives to the coffee. He shares a story of how his ship sank while on a mission and everybody else died except him. He swam to a nearby island where he struck a warm friendship with a Walrus. As they carry on with their conversation and take some more coffee, Wallace begins to lose consciousness and eventually falls from his chair.

When he wakes up, he is bound to a chair and can’t feel one of his legs. He soon realizes it has been amputated to his surprise. The old man explains that he got a bite from a venomous spider, and he amputated it to stop the venom from spreading to the heart. Wallace soon realizes this man is weird but that’s just the beginning of his nightmare. Soon, the old man forces him to wear a Walrus costume made of human skin sewn together. He also cuts his body parts and uses his leg bone to make two tusks.

Meanwhile, Teddy and Wallace’s girlfriend are worried that he is not picking up their calls. At the same time, Wallace gets an opportunity to leave a message for them, but they are too busy consoling each other to notice. By the time Teddy and Ally get the message and report to the Canadian police, the old man has mutilated and stitched Wallace’s body into a Walrus, including fixing two tusks onto his facial region.

Meanwhile, the Canadian police take the issue lightly but later get into the matter when a detective connects the occurrence to a suspected serial killer.

The older man also wears his Walrus costume and challenges Wallace into a fight where only one survives. Wallace does all he can to subdue Howard and stabs him repeatedly with the tusks made out of his leg bone. Meanwhile, his friends and Guy LaPointe are nearby. They hear screams and rescue him, but he is already an unrecognizable Walrus. As the movie ends, it shows a year later with Wallace in an animal sanctuary. His friends come to visit him and feed him fish. As they leave, he sheds a tear, which shows his humanity is still there despite being a functional walrus.

Is Tusk Movie Based On a True Story?

While some people might believe the Tusk movie is based on a true story, it wasn’t. The story behind this film is a hoax where a man from London had put up a bizarre ad on the internet. The Londoner was seeking a companion who would live with him in his house at no cost provided he met some conditions.

One of the conditions is that the guest would agree to wear a Walrus costume every day for two hours. During this time, he was to behave like a Walrus. That means no talking but instead, acting and sounding like the animal. That’s all we have today for this Tusk movie cast and plot review.

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